Every time a new Genesys product emerges, there’s a hungry audience waiting to serve it up to end-users with an insatiable appetite for richer interactions. But, inevitably, Genesys challenges are becoming more complex. It’s becoming harder to capitalize on the value of what you have already, never mind the tempting new features in the next release.

How Can PSS Help?

Intriguingly, Genesys expert and global contact center specialist PSS Help has identified 5 top issues where organizations are failing to get the most from their Genesys investments.

PSS is well qualified to comment. The company helps support thousands of contact centers and millions of end-users across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Here’s a quick summary of the Top 5 issues identified:

 Genesys Challenges 1: Administration: Backing up the Genesys database is slow and complex. Organizations want simpler ways to track changes, rollback and recover.

Genesys Challenges 2: Agent desktop: Contact centers need customizable desktops to handle multichannel interactions. But these have to be simple and cost effective.

Genesys Challenges 3: The Genesys upgrade path: A full upgrade may seem like the only solution. PSS can help you understand some of the other options for your Genesys platform that includes version 7 or 8 and the CloudG

Genesys Challenges 4:. The need for Genesys expertise: Cost effective, flexible highly skilled resources where you need them, when you need them

Genesys Challenges 5: End of Life does not have to equal “End of Operational Value”. It’s not necessary to upgrade systems due to their age.

Fortunately, PSS also provides answers. You can access them here.


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