With the arrival of Genesys 8, it may be the time to decide whether to invest in the Genesys 7 to 8 upgrade. For many organizations this decision is not straightforward. Understanding which features of the new version actually apply to your business can be tricky.

Maintenance Still Eats Up Budgets

Latest research from IDC shows that 70% of annual IT budgets are still taken up maintaining and supporting existing infrastructure. Even if you had the budget to do all of the mandatory upgrades its unlikely you would have the people to do the work. Most companies would not accept so many concurrent version changes, enterprise wide, as it create tremendous instability. For this reason any mission critical infrastructure upgrade needs to be thought through based on the value of doing it

For some, investment in extending the functionality of version 7 will represent a lower risk and a better return, while for others, those new features in version 8 will be a vital differentiator. There will also be those for whom no action at the current time turns out to be the most appropiriate business case.

Keith Ward the CTO of PSS recently spoke to Ken Carson from the Edenfield Group about the Pros and Cons of the different approaches. To read the interview Understanding the Genesys 7 to  8 Upgrade Path click here

How Can PSS Help

PSS provide Genesys support and development resources for the full suite of Genesys products, whether you are a full Genesys shop with the entire suite or have key components, PSS can be your development partner, often proving to be far most cost effective and with agile development, quicker than other providers.

If you’d like to understand more about how PSS works with Genesys click here

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