FlexxGate: How to Make Old Work With New is A Challenge

In today’s highly competitive, fast moving business world, change is happening faster than ever. Mergers/acquisitions are common place, offices opening closing or relocating are all part of managing a modern business. The number of media channels continues to grow and the way companies have to handle their customers is ever more complicated.

The trouble is, do you just throw out all of your old stuff with all of the cost and risk associated with that? Or could there be a way of utilizing the old and new equipment? A way of transitioning at a pace to suit you, lowering the cost, complexity, and risk of the transition?


FlexxGate is an Any-to-Any Voice/Video Media Gateway

If you need to merge different telephony networks, with different protocols such as TDM and SIP, or E1 and T1 trunks, then you need a media gateway. A media gateway is any device, such as a circuit switch, IP gateway, or channel bank that converts data from the format required for one type of network to the format required for another.

FlexxGate takes this to its logical conclusion: any format in, any format out. FlexxGate can also manipulate the data to suppress DTMF, add noise, play recordings, and even split the output to send different streams to different destinations.

FlexxGate: Business Benefits

FlexxGate TM media gateway is a self-contained unit that enables enterprises to interface a traditional PSTN connection or with a PBX to the IP networks that are increasing today. This allows users to realize the benefits of swift, cost-effective deployment and provides the ability to move to an IP network without having to make major changes to existing infrastructure.

  • Swift and Cost-Effective – FlexxGate TM is exceptionally well suited for enterprises that require a low-cost, low-maintenance solution that can be installed and configured easily and help reap the benefits of VoIP with low up-front costs.
  • Moving to IP without Major Changes – FlexxGate TM also allows developers to focus on high-level end-user IP application development rather than on low-level media gateway application development.
  • Flexx ible, Flexx ible, Flexible No two deployments are exactly the same. That’s why FlexxGate is not the typical, standard, off-the-shelf product. Instead, FlexxGate is delivered systems pre-installed and configured to meet your unique deployment requirements.

FlexxGate Shines When Requirements Change

FlexxGate  shines when gateway requirements change. Its flexible, extensible architecture allows for the support to be quickly added for additional protocols (standard or proprietary) and features needed. Custom extensions can be added at any time.

Additionally, FlexxGate systems can be deployed in multiple-server configurations to support higher capacities and high availability requirements.

Any to Any Media

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Thank You for your assistance over the last few weeks. We had some potentially nasty problems building up and flying Bryant out to assist us, as well as good quality phone support, helped us get through it. We are now running in a good state. The migration of FTC IVR off MSC6 was another piece of work where PSS assistance was appreciated at short notice.
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FlexxGate Media Gateway

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