What can this guide help our customers do?

This new online guide encourages contact center professionals to fight back when vendors announce the end of life support. The guide explores viable options to keep legacy technology going, improve functionality and reduce costs. The guide is a lifeline for under-pressure managers and directors working in any area of contact center operations.

Vendor support has to go end of life at some point for every product. But who gets to decide?

The guide examines the pros and cons of four different courses of action when contact center end of life support ends: upgrading, doing nothing, arranging support in-house, or partnering with an independent, third-party support provider. The advice is offered against a backdrop of growing demand from end-users for richer interactions, which the guide acknowledges.

Readers can also find a Top 10 checklist of what to look for in a third-party contact center support provider. These include being passionately independent and refusing to get drawn into vendor-versus-vendor politics.

There’s a positive message too, as we believe that switching support to an independent partner can actually unlock surprising benefits – and hand greater control to companies. The guide cites potential support savings of 20-40% and the ability to optimize existing systems, improve customer service and maximize return on investment.

The free guide is titled Your essential guide to third-party support services for contact center technologies. You can download it here.

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