It wasn’t supposed to be THIS complicated. A few simple changes to routing and  configuration. Testing in the lab would be easy, the changes would work like a champ, and the production maintenance window would go off without a hitch. No impact to ops, and you look like a hero.

Things are not always that simple

Except the simple changes to routing turned into a whole new subroutine with more than a dozen new transaction lists. The configuration options to support the change were complex and buried several layers deep. Integration testing took a week, UAT another, and now you’ve got a two hour window to move it all out of the lab and into production. Manually.

If only I could EXPORT my settings out of Genesys

If you had Eemaan Export in your Genesys environment, the move to production would be as simple as exporting the strategies, lists, and configurations from the lab environment and importing them to production. With Eemaan Export there are two simple steps and your Lab and Production environments would be completely in synch. When was the last time you could say that?

Eemaan Export from PSS

Eemaan Export is a small, fast and powerful application, which allows a real-time contextual backup of the Genesys Configuration. Restoration from snapshots can be actioned in seconds by any user with a basic knowledge of Genesys.

Eemaan Export Practical Uses

  • Pre and post backups during a Genesys CME environment upgrade.
  • Part of your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for Genesys.
  • Backup and Restore.
  • Migrating from a Single-Tenancy to a Multi-Tenancy Genesys Configuration model.
  • Merging multiple Genesys Configuration layers into one. Typically done
    when business has grown through acquisition of another Genesys customer.
  • Moving Genesys Configuration databases, e.g. Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle.
  • Migration of an Enterprise Genesys customer into a Hosted Platform.

Eemaan Export Features

  • FAST – Allows quick export of configuration data.
  • OPEN FORMAT – Exported Data in Human readable format.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Near-zero load on Genesys.
  • SECURE – No access to underlying Genesys databases.
  • DATA-SAFE – Read-only access to Genesys Configuration.
  • FUTURE-PROOF – Supports all Genesys versions.
  • COVERAGE – 100% Coverage of CME Objects.
  • SELECTIVE DATA – Entire or specific data can be exported

Eemaan Export Benefits

  • Provides an up to the minute snapshot of your Genesys environment.
  • Human-friendly format
  • Examined and edited outside the Genesys environment without specialist tools.
  • Byte-code (binary data) stored with the Genesys Configuration schema is also exported.
  • Allows accurate restoration of part or whole of the Genesys Configuration environment.
  • Eliminates need for database specialists to backup and restore Genesys Configuration.
  • Reduces system downtime.

How PSS can help with Genesys Change Management

Rolling-back Genesys Configuration from an EXPORT is between 20 and 60 times faster than restoring from a Database backup. A typical 1,000 Agent Genesys environment can be recovered from a catastrophic Configuration failure in less than 15 minutes.

We’ve consistently solved customer issues utilizing the Genesys product suite. We’ve deployed the full range of Genesys products across many contact centres large and small. We’re experts at solving customer problems, reducing costs & creating great caller satisfaction.

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Genesys change management export from PSS