presenting data Data Mart is at the heart of business intelligence architecture for nVision. It automatically consolidates real-time, historical and call-detail data from contact centre management systems this then provides a single store for all data.

What Does Data Mart Do For Your Business?

A look into contact centre operations and transactions is critical to achieving customer satisfaction. With the use of Data Mart consolidated, centralized data means different contact centres, communication channels and data sources can be viewed as one virtual contact centre this will increase efficiency of your contact centre and therefore help you to achieve optimal customer satisfaction, whilst boosting business profitability.

Data Mart Will Help You:

  • Increase efficiency and lower cost – it helps to reduce time and resources needed to support current reporting and analysis efforts.
  • Keep customers coming back – Agent satisfaction is improved through ease of access to relevant information – engaged employees equals happy customers happy customer equals repeat business!
  • Superior marketing and increase in sales – helps to measure campaign results by giving precise information. Therefore helps enable to manage product quality also.

Data Mart Has Four Processes:

1)   Consolidate – and analyse to gain insight into all data.

2)   Integrate –data from one or multiple homes

3)   View – all operations across business

4)   Leverage – pre built analytical data models for many systems

Anymore Questions?

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