A tidal wave of change is impacting organizations the world over – and it’s taken everyone by surprise. That’s the dramatic message of an e-guide published by PSS Help entitled Customer Power: Who is in Charge? Packed with startling revelations and deep insights about customer power, the free report will help companies to adapt, survive and thrive – by interacting with customers in a better way.

Customer Power: Who is in Charge? charts a phenomenon that’s as significant as the arrival of the industrial revolution, the web or the mobile phone. It hails the age of ‘customer power‘.

For the first time in history – customers power has evolved because customers now have much better technology than the enterprises that serve them, says the e-guide, which makes essential reading for CEOs and other executives in Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance, HR, Delivery and Customer Service.

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“Looking around at the challenges we face today, customers have not just got a seat at the table, they are taking control of the agenda,” say co-authors Tony Porter, Executive Vice President for Global Marketing at PSS, and Morris Pentel, Chairman of the Customer Experience Foundation.

The e-guide highlights four factors behind the shift in customer power, which have made customers better informed, better equipped, given more choice and armed with ability to adapt easily.

Their dominance  of customer power is being fuelled by a host of radical changes taking place across the Internet, mobile communications and thousands of other platforms, says the e-guide. These innovations are all happening at once – at the same place and at the same time. Ingenious apps, big data, geo information, augmented reality and other immersive breakthrough services are creating a single, blended experience for the customer.

Customers are in control of how, when and where contact happens with the organizations that serve them. They can make new companies an overnight success – or drive long-established businesses into extinction, simply by ‘locking them out’ of their tech-driven worlds, says the e-guide.

However, the authors suggest how enterprises can still act before it’s too late. Some companies will disappear overnight, while others will enjoy meteoric success.

“For many organizations, it’s got  scary,” says Tony Porter, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at PSS. “Businesses are not sure how to respond. But the clock is ticking. The phenomenon isn’t just affecting your contact center or the website, it’s every departmental operating model – all at once. But, with the right approach, companies can turn this consumer power grab into a huge opportunity.”

Customer Power: Who is in Charge? is available online. You can get your copy here for free.

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