As I stepped out my front door recently, I nearly trod on a GPS windshield mount (the kind with the giant suction cup that loses suction at the most inopportune moments) that someone had left on my front step. I don’t own a GPS other than Google Maps on my iPhone. Someone clearly thought it was mine, and left it so I wouldn’t be without it.

They Were Trying to Tell me Something!

That got me thinking about customer service and the contact center. Every single call coming onto your platform is from a customer, or potential customer, who is trying to tell you something. The question is, does your contact center solution help or hinder them? Put another way, is your contact center solution built to help your customers TELL YOU something? Or is it built to help you SELL THEM something.

World-Class Organizations & Customer Service 

Have recognized the importance of an integrated contact center solution that gives their customers good customer service and prospects the opportunity to contact them easily, using whatever channel is most familiar to them. Integrating traditional telephony in a comprehensive strategy that includes mobile, social media, messaging, and video has helped these organizations remain in tune with their existing customers and impress their prospective customers while keep the focus on where it belongs—helping the customer or prospect.

Obviously, what I’m talking about isn’t an overnight transformation. Planning and careful thought are required before launching off down the road to a new contact center solution. Some channels might make less sense than others for some organizations. But everything starts with a modern contact center platform and solution, architected and implemented to facilitate the integration of additional channels.

In the last two years

PSS has planned, architected, and implemented integrated contact center solutions for perfect customer service for the following organisations:

  • Huge for profit organizations with thousands of agents spread over multiple locations
  • Small non-profit groups with a dozen agents in one location
  • Public entities with a few hundred agents.

While vastly different in size, business purpose, and technical needs and requirements, the common thread was this: Each of these organizations recognized that the single most important thing they had to do to be successful was to listen to their customers when their customers had something to TELL them.  Selling becomes infinitely easier when you’re tuned into the telling.

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