Is Customer Power Leaving You Brokenhearted? 

With February being the month of Valentine’s Day, here’s a fanciful scenario to ponder. Supposing your long-term ‘significant other’ becomes much richer and more powerful than you – when the opposite used to be true? Suddenly, they’ve got a far better car, an impressive new apartment and wads of cash. What’s more, they start expecting you to ‘raise your game’ (whatever that means!).

Two solutions spring to mind:

1. Slink away from the relationship in defeat, nursing a suitable cover story to share with your friends.

2. Take out a hefty bank loan, splash the cash and try to keep pace with your partners’ jet-set expectations (and ultimately go bust).

Customer Power: Relationships Unfolding

Thankfully, most human relationships don’t end this way. But in the world of contact centers, something like this is unfolding with customer power……very quickly and with dramatic outcomes.

A new e-book reveals what many enterprises secretly know (but are afraid to admit) … their customers are now better at doing business than they are – and they’ve got better technology. What’s more, their customers expect their business relationships to change. Interactions have got to be whenever they want and across multiple channels and devices of their choosing. Customer power is now more mighty than the organisations.

Added to this, customers have become vastly more knowledgeable, prone to use social media to voice their views loudly – and are willing to switch suppliers in moments. The customer power balance hasn’t simply inched a little in their direction, it’s a landslide. And it won’t revert back any time soon.

So how can companies preserve relationships using their contact centers?

Cool-headed customer relationship advice is now available in a new e-book Who is in charge? which you can download here. It’s well worth reading if you’re a CEO or an executive in Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance, HR, Delivery, Customer Service or Customer Experience.

This blog won’t give away too much. Just a few hints – returning to our romance theme from the start of this piece. If your partner wants to spend big, why not let them go ahead? Why complain if they insist on driving you in their Porsche, hosting dinner parties with friends at their flashy place, and buying you more things?

As long as the relationship is working well, communication is good and there’s a bright future ahead, isn’t that what’s most important? If they want to do all the spending, who’s complaining? With a few minor changes, the next chapter in your relationship could work in your favor.

Here’s that link again to your copy of the e-book

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