There’s an arms race going on in consumer technology right now. Devices and features are evolving so fast, it’s almost impossible to keep up. But more importantly, at least for business – and especially for contact centers -there’s a change in the way consumers are using technology. They’re not pointing it at their friends any more – they’re pointing it at you! Customer power!

Customer Power: How can you win the arms race?

How can you disarm the threat of customer power? The answer to winning the arms race is simple – you can’t. The only way to avoid losing this race is not to be in it. Customer technology is advancing at a rate which business simply can’t match: there’s no way to roll out the latest devices, or update your apps, as fast as the trends and topics of consumer tech. You can’t outrun that tide. So don’t try. Save your energy – and your resources – for the fight to retain your customers.

Customer Power: Step off the treadmill

Stop focusing just on feature enhancements and system upgrades. Identify the technology in your contact center which does not have to change, which is doing a good job right now and will continue to do so. For most businesses, that means the web servers, the telephony systems including dialers / IVRs, and the infrastructure which supports these. Telephone and web contact still far outweighs other channels. PSS can maintain these systems “as-is” indefinitely, allowing you to focus on what DOES need to change.

Customer power is the new reality – accept it, work with it

What do customers want from your business? You know this better than we do, but some things are obvious:

  • A fast response
  • Reliable information
  • Helpful service

How to innovate and keep your existing infrastructure

PSS has a range of innovations that integrate with existing technology to more efficiently manage your business and the improve the customer experience.

  • Third Party Support – A wide range of flexible solutions to extend the life of existing infrastructure
  • Transition – Helping you understand the role of innovation and its impact on migration projects
  • Agent Desktop – Developing and delivering Agent desktops and increasing their functionality
  • Visual IVR – As part of your Multi-Channel/Omni-Channel strategy Visual IVR is one of the new ways to link your contact to your web and apps creating a seamless Omni-Channel experience
  • Monitoring – Setting your goal to having a single pane of glass view to measure the customer experience across disparate systems
  • Reporting – Develop an approach to be able to quickly and easily view end to end reporting across the whole contact centre infrastructure
  • Call Recording Compliance – Developing an approach to strategies and technologies to stay one step ahead of the regulatory compliance risk
  • Customer Experience – Practical services to help understand, manage and improve your customer experience, specially designed to build the bridge between Customer Experience, business process and technology

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