Imagine your next meeting with other senior executives. All seems normal until an unfamiliar face enters the room – and starts to circulate their agenda. Wild thoughts race through your mind … have I missed something? … Have we been taken over? … Is someone else in charge now?

In many ways, the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’.

There’s a massive change happening at the core of most enterprises – and it’s catching everyone by surprise. The new person is the customer. And its all about Customer Power.

For years, boardrooms have been talking enthusiastically about putting ‘the customer at the heart of the business’. Now it’s happened. And they haven’t simply got a seat at the table – they’ve taken control of the agenda.

What’s more, the customer believes it’s their right, rather than some kind of privilege. They feel qualified to take charge. After all, they now own much better technology than your head of IT, they do business more intuitively than your best business experts, and they’re prone to sounding off online – very loudly – about your head of customer service (who’s now shivering in the corner).

Customer Power, Because Customers are better informed

They’re highly-informed and confident enough to be very demanding. They know what your rivals are doing. In fact, they drop a nagging hint that they may jump ship at anytime – and put everyone’s job at risk – unless you give them exactly what they want. And they want it now.

As the meeting ends, you ask for their business card, hoping to get their name. You’re taken aback by what you read. Their name is ‘Social Me’. The card also lists multiple devices, numbers, emails, addresses and social media IDs that extend across their home, work and social lives. There’s also a worrying little sentence in italics:

“I’ll contact you, whenever I want, however I like. Make sure you’re ready.”

Customer Power: Heres an insight into what’s happening

If the above tale is starting to sound familiar, then I recommend you get a copy of a new e-guide called Who is in charge?  It’s an insightful report on four recent developments that are increasing customer power which is presiding over your organization.

The issues will change the cost and value of every conversation you have with customers – via your contact center. Crucially, the guide also offers suggestions and advice on how to turn this phenomenon to your advantage.

Refreshingly, it doesn’t suggest scrapping your entire contact center technology stack as an expensive panicked response. Rather, the best approach is to rethink and adapt … but to do it quickly.

Here’s that link again to your free e-guide on Customer PowerWho is in Charge?

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