Customer Experience is about the way in which you manage the events in your customer relationships. Manage them well, and you’ll increase the value of each relationship, and reduce the cost of serving them – but manage it badly and the reverse is true. Most organizations today are still struggling with the basics of Customer Experience.

Uncover the key issues that create that struggle today.

The Customer Experience Audit helps organisations to understand an external view of their effectiveness at managing the Customer Experience and produces a Customer Experience Audit Report comprising actionable insight and recommendations. It also delivers an Optimized Customer Experience Target Engagement Model.


  • Discovery to understand the Customer Journey
  • Understand what tools are used to engage with Customers – this includes the Organisational Structure/Technology Architecture, Business Processes and Customer Engagement/Satisfaction Measures
  • Understand the channels (both internal and external) and connection between them
  • Understand the opportunity for engagement within the Customer Journey
  • Identify the frustrations in the Customers Journey today and provide examples
  • Identify the opportunities to improve the experience in the Customers Journey today and provide examples


  • Status of the existing Customer Experience
  • Status of the existing Customer Experience Reporting and Management Tools
  • Build Emotional Profile of the key stages in Customer Relationship
  • Build Loyalty Profile of the key stages in Customer Relationship
  • Internal Conditions as they relate to Customer Experience
  • Market Conditions including:
    • Channels,
    • Experience,
    • Customer Behaviour


  • Fixes
  • Easy Customer Journey Fixes
  • Contact Centre Systems and process improvements
  • Integration opportunities for other channels
  • Build in positive feedback mechanisms
  • Customer Experience Existing Flaws/Best Practice
  • Customer Experience

A presentation of what a new Optimized Customer Experience Target Engagement Model might be and how that would impact the organization and their customers – This provides a tangible asset that can be used to define both a road map and plan to the design and delivery of an improved Customer Experience

What else can we do?

  • Customer Experience Health Checks & Channel Auditing
  • Strategy & Design
  • Culture Development Workshops
  • Build Implementation and Adoption Plan + Experience Model
  • Finance Models & Business Case Development
  • Customer Experience Tools and Models
  • Map Customer Journey Change Model into Technology Transition Program
  • Training and adherence program

About the Customer Experience Foundation

First Customer Experience Organisation in the world

A Centre of Excellence for the design of Customer Experience with a partnership of 30 of the best Customer Experience Experts in the world who have developed the best practice in:

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Voice of the Customer programmes
  • Customer Personas
  • Use of verbatim
  • Customer Experience Audit
  • Customer Experience Designs
  • Language & Emotion
  • Communication

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