The volume of text coming from social media, e-mail and online chat rooms has added yet another layer of complexity to customer service , but voice is still the most important component part of understanding the customer experience in call centers. All of this data, if effectively measured and analyzed, can provide organizations with the utmost metric tools to measure almost any part of their contact stream and assess if the customer experience is satisfactory.

According to a recent Voice of Customer Analytics video, 90 percent of all customer conversations are still happening on the phone despite changes in this multi media world. Even with around 2.7 billion tweeted words a day, in terms of data volume, this is tiny compared with phone calls, which run to over 56 million hours worth of conversations – around 420 billion words spoken a day. For contact centers, voice communication is still the most important tool in measuring customer experience, especially  as x more audio is collected in one day than twitter does in five months, which is why software for analyzing such data volume is vital.