Customer experience mobile growthA new report Mobile 2015 looks at the recent development of the mobile phone market. It describes some of the key attributes of the market, who have been the main companies influencing the markets and how and why they have been performing the way they have. Finally it highlights to companies that anybody whose business is influenced by mobile should pay the most attention to the customer experience in the next 3 years.

Key findings in the report

  • 2012 was the year that the world’s population passed 7 billion and more than 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions.
  • 1.7 billion mobile phones sold around the world in 2012.
  • It will take at least another year in most markets before we see any significant customer demand for 4G phones.
  • Whilst Google’s Android software has acted as the rocket fuel for recent Smartphone growth it will start to come under significant pressure in the next 2 years from Microsoft and Nokia in particular.
  • The companies who are best placed for a significant slice of a market that will reach 2.2 billion phones sold in 2016 are those that own assets that they can fully leverage around location and context.
  • Customer experience expectations from younger users may grow quicker than companies can cope with

Mobile 2015 : The State of the Mobile Market by the Customer Experience Foundation also prompts you to think if you are responsible in your role for your company’s multi-channel customer operations then your app based customer service proposition should come into sharper focus in terms of the mobile operating systems that your customers will be using in the next 3 years. Alternatively your role may see you having responsibility for your companies own internal mobility strategy.

In this case if Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is what your hear day in, day out then you will now have a clearer idea of what your employees will want to be using in this post “company only issued BlackBerry” era.

Finally, complications around device and service interoperability will continue as the 4 companies that are predicted to lead in mobile will flex their muscles with each other. But as customers have become less inclined to take all of their services from a single supplier, the demand for being able to smoothly sync your Gmail account on your Windows Phone will continue to be heard loud and clear by all concerned.

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