Improve Customer Service and Reduce Call Costs With CTI

CTIA CTI application offers businesses the ability to increase profits by not only lowering expenses, but also through brand differentiation and increased customer loyalty.

Implementing CTI has a number of benefits to the enterprise and the caller. It is able to significantly improve customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing call center costs.

CTI synchronizes and blends telephone and computer interactions. It has grown to include call routing, integrating multiple media channels—such as web, voice, chat and e-mail and integration with interactive voice response (IVR) units.

Finding and implementing the right CTI solution is not easy. Many organisations want to take advantage of CTI but do not want to be locked in to one vendor for their CTI IVR, CIM and WFM solutions. It’s also a struggle with the time and cost involved when you want to make changes to the CTI engine or applications.

PSS has the answer as it uniquely isolates the CTI engine from the applications using FlexxBridge which allows changes to be made without having to re write and test the applications.

Not being tied to a manufacturer means we cover all contact center components including agent desktops, applications, platforms and switches. We write all of our own applications in open standards which run on any platform. This significantly reduces your total cost of ownership and gives you total choice and flexibility as well as making it quicker, and more effective.

The 4 main benefits of deploying CTI are:

  • Call Routing — Using telephone network information and data entered at the IVR to route the call to the proper geographical location or to the best-qualified agent, eliminating unnecessary transfers and resulting in increased first call resolution rates.
  • Screen Pop — instantly retrieve customer data from your CRM system or enterprise data-base and display it on the agent’s screen when they receive the call shortening call time and enable agents to up-sell and cross-sell products and services.
  • Outbound dialing — Applications that enable agents to make calls with a single mouse click from a computer save time and are more accurate, realizing significant savings by hugely reducing to misdialed numbers.
  • Call & Data Transfer — Captures, maintains, and transmits caller-profile data throughout an entire customer transaction.

Some manufacturers have off the shelf products, some just call routing or another component part. PSS have the total solution for CTI IVR and have designed, developed, and deployed hundreds of custom CTI applications for large and small customers across numerous industries.

How PSS Can Help You With CTI IVR

All of the platforms and solutions we work with are backed by our legendary ProPSS 24 x 7 x 365 support to keep your systems operating smoothly.

Discover the benefits of our CTI enablement practice that helps improve customer service and reduce telecom costs when moving using CTI.  Download our SIP guide. If you would like more information about our solutions for this market segment or would like to discuss how your organization can benefit from deploying CTI , contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation by emailing us at

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