contact center solutionsMy family’s summer vacation took us on a nearly 4,000 mile road trip. Most people think I’m a bit odd because I relate just about everything I see to contact centers. So it came as no surprise that an experience in Keystone, SD, about 8 miles from Mount Rushmore, would be the inspiration for this little ditty.

Falling Over May Delight Many!

Keystone is dead in the middle of the Black Hills, which are themselves a popular summer destination for bikers. (The annual Rally in Sturgis, SD, is an hour north of Keystone and a topic for another day). On a reasonably quiet evening in July, we were walking the boardwalk in Keystone, and I observed a patron of one of the many fine watering holes mount his Harley, fire it up and proceed to put on an obnoxious display of pure power. Revving the motor louder and louder, a crowd began to build around him to watch what promised to be a spectacular launch. With a final great gun of the throttle, the fellow put up his feet…

…And promptly fell over onto the street, to the great delight of many.

Contact Centers Comes Into This We Promise!

Now, that was a long way around the barn to get to this analogy. Don’t let your contact centers be like the Harley dude. He kept getting louder and louder, and the excitement built higher and higher, and then the whole thing fell over when the infrastructure (the bike and his BAC) couldn’t hold up.

It’s tempting in contact centers arena  to add all the cool new bells and whistles as soon as they come out, without regard to the underlying support elements. Customers are screaming for better service; marketing wants to be plugged in to social media; sales wants more volume more quickly; operations needs to make changes on the fly to support changing contact center volume.

But when all these great new tools and gadgets are added to your existing contact center infrastructure, is it going to be able to stand? Or is the whole thing going to fall over…to the great delight of no one but your competition.

 So What Do You Do with Contact Centers?

First of all, (you guessed it): don’t panic. The Contact centres challenges you need solutions for didn’t develop overnight, and the technology that provides the solutions is constantly evolving. Diving in without proper impact analysis and understanding leads to a world of hurt down the road.

So start with a clear understanding of what your current contact center infrastructure looks like. Where are the weak points? Are you having bandwidth challenges? How about remote locations? Support? Security? What about PCI 3.0?

Contact Centers:  What If You Don’t Know Where To Start?

We can help. As an independent Contact Centers system integrator, we are uniquely positioned to evaluate your existing infrastructure and contact center solutions against your stakeholders’ wish lists. Our team have expertise with every major contact center solution and component, and can respond quickly to the changing landscape, anticipating and mitigating potentially disastrous problems.

Our entire reason for existence is to support and deploy dependable, superior contact center solutions, from green field installations of the latest technology to end-of-life support for legacy platforms.  By partnering with clients across the globe, we’ve helped billions of customer interactions result in a successful outcome, without a lot of noise…and without falling over.

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