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Contact Center Transition: Organizations are always in some form of transition because of mergers, end of life technology, trying to save cost or rising customer expectations. Customers always want more from their call center interactions. Business stakeholder’s demands never stop. Technology vendors promise the answers. But finance is trying to curtail spending.

If you work in call center management, voice operations or IT, then you’re in the high-pressure business of satisfying rising expectations within limited budgets.

It’s demanding and relentless. You can’t afford to keep still. Contact center transition in particular can cause a headache, especially if you’re trying to transition whilst still keeping the lights on.

Every Contact Center is in a state of transition:

Performing a contact center transition whilst trying to maintain current platforms, managing minor upgrades, switching to new solutions including “the Cloud” or wondering how to be innovative by further optimizing current solutions can be overwhelming. Attempting all of these at once and struggling to keep the business working as normal will almost certainly create headaches. To complicate matters, each vendor is pressing its own product roadmap requiring unplanned and costly upgrades.

7 Essential Ways to Ensure Success when going through a contact center transition

Whichever call center transition scenario you’re experiencing, this page will help. It provides practical advice and offers 7 Essential ways to ensure Success that span the call center lifecycle.

Many critical issues are overlooked easily. But this PSS toolkit identifies them. With nearly two decades of experience in guiding contact centre transitions, PSS provides expert, independent advice to help you to avoid the pitfalls and discover opportunities to maximize success.

What Clients Say

PSS has been a great IVR solution provider and partner on this project. Thank you for your help in getting the IVR Solaris upgrade completed on time and per the schedule.
Top Ten Software Provider
I am VERY happy thus far with the individuals and PSS. We were able to do our part in getting all the equipment/workspace and items prepared. PSS were able to immediately have excellent conversations with my staff and were very well prepared!
Project Manager, Large Banking Corporation
“I wish all our vendors had the level of support that PSS provides”
IT Manager, Casino in the Northeast
In 7 years of working with PSS, as an IVR solution provider, the only complaint our whole team could come up with was so minor that we have no hesitation with upgrading our platform – including IVR, speech and applications with PSS so that we can continue to be a key partner
A large bank in the midwest
Thank You for your assistance over the last few weeks. We had some potentially nasty problems building up and flying Bryant out to assist us, as well as good quality phone support, helped us get through it. We are now running in a good state. The migration of FTC IVR off MSC6 was another piece of work where PSS assistance was appreciated at short notice.
A major international telecommunications company

Client’s Stay

Gartner studies suggest that this % of all IT projects are considered to be failures by those responsible for initiating them

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With PSS, organizations have immediate access to a wide range of specialised contact center transition expertise across leading  technologies. With our expertise and BAU support services, you can reduce costs and risks, while speeding up time-frames and maximizing the rewards of innovation.

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Top 6 factors that fundamentally limit progress

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Why updating your contact center often ends in tears

How to ensure your

Your guide to a smooth transition.


Transition is difficult

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Moving to the Cloud?

Trying to maintain current platforms, managing minor upgrades, switching to new solutions including “the Cloud”


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