There’s a new fitness craze sweeping across gyms everywhere. You’re on a treadmill that gets faster and faster. People fling dumbbells in your direction. These must be juggled. Every 30 seconds, the music changes. Oh, and the bottles of mineral water you need keep getting smaller.

Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?

If you work in contact center management, operations or IT, then this tongue-in-cheek scenario can feel uncomfortably close to home. Keeping things going whilst performing a contact center transition can seem impossible when there are so many tasks to do. Others call the tune and expect you to keep in step while your budgets reduce.

You’re in the high-pressure business of satisfying rising expectations from customers, the business and vendors. It’s demanding and relentless. You just can’t afford keep still.

Today, contact center transition isn’t something you do occasionally – it’s business as usual.

Every Contact Center Transition is WIP

Some are trying to maintain legacy systems and end-of-life applications while vendors are pressuring them to upgrade tomorrow. Others are struggling with minor upgrades and looking to fine tune. Another group know they’ve got to switch to a new solution but don’t have the in-house expertise to migrate successfully while keeping the lights on. In the worst cases, some contact center teams are heroically attempting all of these at once.

With this in mind, PSS has just launched an online guide called Your Call Center Technology Transition: 7 Essential Tips for Success. You can get it here for free.

Empathizing with  managers going through a contact center transition, the guide offers the kind of independent advice they don’t normally hear from vendors – on how to save stress, disruption and cost, while improving service.

The ‘7 Essential Tips’ deal with contact center transition across every stage of the technology lifecycle.

7 essential tips transition

Highlights include insights on ways to tackle end-of-life ultimatums from vendors, and how to document your existing platforms and applications when the only one who really understood them was ‘Fred’ who left years ago. Smarter ways to integrate, test and save on app conversion are also covered.

The underlying message is that whilst undertaking a contact center transition,  let someone else take care of the treadmill and dumbbells while you sharpen your performance on the really impressive equipment.

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