It will surprise no one familiar with me that I have a few pet peeves. One of the most aggravating are those ridiculous car window decals which purport to show anyone driving behind a vehicle so-adorned exactly how many people, and their relative size (a.k.a age) make up the family. Why you’d want everyone in the world to know this bit of personal information is way beyond me.

Do we really need to know this?

But this morning I was lucky enough to not only know the make up of the family in front of me, but also the full names of the adults, thanks to the clever (but completely personal- (PERSEC) unaware) license plate retainer declaring that Jim and Amber “Smith” will love each other forever.

This information, coupled with a license tag number and an address that could be gleaned by simply following Jim and Amber home, would give the bad guys all they need to start ruining Jim and Amber’s (presumably) happy lives.

So what’s the point?

These PERSEC flaws that are seen everyday on the streets are nothing compared to the contact center security flaws of a surprisingly large number of corporate telephony systems. We’ve come across an alarmingly large number of SIP based premise systems that are just hung out on the public internet with no gateway, SBC, or other contact center security device front ending them.

These same companies jump through flaming hoops to ensure compliance with PCI version 3 and PII protection policies and other contact center security legislation. Yet all the information needed to exploit security holes in these platforms is just as available to the bad guys as Jim and Amber’s personal information is as they’re driving around the streets of metro-Phoenix.

That noise is the sound of someone reading this blog and having a panic attack. PSSHelp can help. We provide expertise in all manner of telephony platform, providing third party support, development services, and yes, contact center security!

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