To grow a business you need to be an artisan baker; You need to ensure you have the right ingredients, at the right time, in the right environment; feeling your way through each step delicately.  You need the discipline to follow a detailed recipe, whilst still being innovative and creative enough to put your own stamp on it.

Contact Center Resources: Quality the key to success

Most importantly, you need good quality, trusted baking equipment and enough bakers around to help you with every process from the prep to the oven, so that you are able to keep turning out the loaves whilst still moving quickly if your dough starts sinking.

The  Recipe to Grow a Perfect Contact Center:

  • Consistently knead and work your loyal customers. Keep them warm and responsive. Sugar them well.
  • Slowly add to the mix small volumes of new customers. Be careful to not over sugar them.
  • Add a large dollop of innovation so that your delivery offerings exceed what your customers already expect
  • Grease your tins well and make sure you have enough contact center resources, aligned well, to cover all areas of your cooking from preparation to sales

Contact Centers in a Modern Environment 

Many of todays Contact Centers are losing the touch of old fashioned baking. They have more and more demands on them – from Omni-channel, all hours communication and ever-increasing technology trends.

Because the demands are ever increasing, many contact centers feel panicked that the means and ways to execute them are ever decreasing. Many centers find themselves compelled or pushed into paying out large sums for new equipment, which may be the wrong choice or even obsolete in a very short period. Increasingly many find that their customers are better informed and already have better technology than they do.

Contact Center Resources: Going Back to Basics 

Its time to for a rethink. Its time to go back to basics and understand that new, better equipment doesn’t necessarily make good or better bread. What makes good bread is good people, good resources. People with passion and attention to detail, and primarily a care for what they do. The bread is only as good as a baker,

It’s not all about buying new and better. Having a stable environment can give you the time to understand how to better serve your customers. A chance to look at some of the innovations that can be integrated with your existing environment or find a partner that can help you make the right decisions.

Independent Contact Center Resources Support 

At PSS we add value and skilled, flexible contact center resources at every stage of your contact center journey. Whether it be by supporting your legacy technology, giving independent advice on customer road map guiding providing partners with much needed skilled resources through transition, or designing innovative approaches to designing a better customer service experience.

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