Contact Center monitoring, Contacr Center Testing, call center testingPSS takes away the anxiety you feel when you leave the office.  Availability and performance monitoring services for contact center communication solutions give your IT and telephony team peace of mind that someone is watching the solution’s performance. By helping you to automate and test the customer and agent experience quickly and easily it will not  impacting your customers or agents experience. 

Contact Center Monitoring with PSS Heartbeat

 PSS HeartBeat availability and performance monitoring services validate your contact center or communication solution’s performance under real-world conditions.  Your end-to-end solution is thoroughly exercised 24×7 with transactions delivered at a prescribed frequency every hour.  If anything unexpected occurs during one of those transactions, you and your team are immediately notified.

Stay in Production with Confidence

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Key Aspects of the PSS Heartbeat Service:

  • 24×7 Monitoring of Production Systems
  • Inbound & Outbound Technologies
  • Voice, web, fax, SMS, and email transactions
  • 1 to 12+ transactions per hour and continuous monitoring


With PSS HeartBeat availability Contact Center Monitoring and performance monitoring services, you can monitor real-time performance from the all-important customer perspective. Using real, automated telephone, browser, or other channel transactions, PSS remotely delivers the transaction through the PSTN or Internet to exercise your whole solution just like a real customer.

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What PSS Heartbeat Does:

  • We find the issues internal monitoring miss
  • We capture the data needed to quickly problem-solve
  • We save a weekend’s worth of revenue that might otherwise have been lost[/box]From switching and CTI to web servers and firewalls, PSS HeartBeat availability and performance monitoring services confirm your solution’s technologies, services and applications are all working together and delivering the required customer service experience.  If things aren’t working as expected, you find out immediately and you receive actionable data to help you identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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Benefits of PSS Heartbeat

  • Confidence your integrated solution is working as designed
  • Immediate notification of issues
  • Actionable information and repeatable results
  • Self-service and configuration options
  • Historical data to facilitate performance statistics reporting, trend analysis and continuous improvement efforts
  • Monitor any solution, anywhere[/box]

Contact Center Monitoring