Contact Center Managed ServicesPSS helps Contact Centers ensure their customer interaction solutions are highly used and always available. A Managed Services offer for outsourced proactive and reactive operational support, without the challenge of moving to a hosted environment

PSS have launced a Contact Center Managed Services offer that proactively monitors and responds to issues ahead of time managing customer interaction solutions, applications, vendors, integration points and the overall customer experience  –  Allowing you to concentrate on your business.
Benefits of the Managed Services objectives are:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Realize cost efficiencies
  • Increase the quality of delivery
  • Maintain system uptime targets
  • Drive measurable productivity increases
  • Increase revenue per customer
  • Manage production system health through continuous monitoring and improvement
  • Build subject matter expertise with skilled resources for the execution of scope activities
  • Drive better outcomes through monitoring and measuring performance and the enforcement of SLAs

PSS can become a true part of any team – meeting regularly to review and optimize customer interaction solutions through the;

ProPSS 5 Stage Management Review Process

  • Statistics Gathering –  Collating information from system monitoring tools and populating it in to reports
  • Report Analytics  – Strategically investigating data to provide system status summary management review
  • Option Advice – Present potential amends, optimise system performance and changes to match changing business needs
  • ROI Modelling – Present a cost benefit analysis to determine level and speed of payback
  • Recommendation/Consultancy –Designing,  testing, implementing and supporting the required solutions

The PSS difference is having specific differentiators that make us stand out from the crowd: By extending ROI, transitioning of knowledge from resources currently supporting the engagement and increasing reliability / uptime.

PSS Contact Center Managed Services pro actively monitor and respond to issues ahead of time managing customer interaction solutions applications, vendors, integration points and the overall customer experience  –  Allowing you to concentrate on your business.

How PSS Can Help You

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