Do you know what your telephone system does for you? I mean, do you really UNDERSTAND what it does, what it doesn’t do, and the things it can do that you’re not leveraging? On the surface, it sounds like a bit of a silly question, right?

Understanding What You’ve Got

Fundamentally, you understand that there is “something” out there that answers the phone, plays a bit of automated messaging, maybe interacts with the caller using touch tones or voice commands, and eventually a “phone” device on someone’s desk, somewhere in your enterprise, lights up.

As communications systems become more complicated, integrating rich media experiences, social networks, and mobile technology, the challenge for many enterprises is to grasp the whole picture. For example, we frequently see collective enterprise knowledge of their communications infrastructure broken down like this:

  • Accounting and finance are really keen on the outbound campaigns
  • Sales and marketing are plugged into the CRM integration
  • The business is on about Workforce Management and call handle time
  • The help desk knows how to reboot the phone
  • IT has the server and network hardware in the purview (but frequently it’s there by default and not choice because no one else understands “that techy stuff”)

And at the end of the day, the bones of the system, the architecture that ties the whole thing together is at best neglected, and at worse ignored completely.

Until, of course there’s a flaw in the slaw. Then it becomes a crisis. Then everyone starts screaming about the broken phone system, except NOBODY has the same definition of “phone system” and EVERYBODY has a different top priority.

So What’s The Solution?

Consider  contact center managed services to coordinate, blueprint, and organize your entire contact center infrastructure. The advantage is clear—individual business units can remain focused on the using the communication tools to get results while responsibility for the operation, upkeep, and implementation of the tools is shifted off of groups who don’t want it and don’t necessarily “get it”.

How Can PSS Help

PSS provides different levels of contact center managed services to meet the communication infrastructure needs of different sized enterprises, be they regional, national, or global in scale.

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