Contact Center GamificationAccording to recent research ‘service workers’ such as those in contact centers are 3% less engaged in their work than they were in 2009 proving a struggle with job satisfaction in this particular sector. Poor levels of engagement and happiness at work result in poor customer service. ‘

The Actively Disengaged are emotionally disconnected from their work and workplace and jeopardize their teams’ performance research shows


Is a new modern catalyst for contact center orientated business. Gamification refers to the implementation of gaming platforms in an environment where gaming is usually not present. Maintaining the motivation and engagement of contact center employees is topical and increasingly urgent.

Targeting this issue, gamification gives employees the chance to engage more in their job role through the virtual world of gaming. Virtual points and badges are given to employees based on their performance and competition is rife as positions against colleagues on leader tables’ boosts individual motivation.

Employers strive to ensure a work force is kept driven and stimulated. Stimulation can be found predominantly in deriving pleasure from something and turning to gamification gives employers the chance to introduce fun into the everyday KPI’s.  Introducing a ‘gaming’ tool to the work place will ensure advancement in career progress for employees and employers. A ‘domino-like’ effect occurs: Employer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction, and finally Customer satisfaction.

Gamification; Keep Employees Working at the Top of their ‘Game’

 Characteristics found in gamers mirror those characteristics desirable in employees: competition, dedication and stimulation. These transferable attributes develop into flourishing performance in the work place achieving KPI’s and ultimately improving employee confidence with a resounding sense of personal pride. This feeling of pride will only propel employees to achieve more; attempting to come above fellow workers to prove they are at the top of their game and performing to the best of their ability.

Training programs that install the language of ‘gaming’ in a contact center business will introduce employees to an environment that is saturated with fun interactive and motivational work methods. The Employees virtual profiles will subsequently equate to their performance success.

Instead of investing in hours of training sessions outside of the workplace, gamification allows for all employees to learn and develop as they work. Employed agents take part in ‘game-like’ training and quizzes on product knowledge in order to gain virtual rewards that operate somewhat as pride badges.

Gamification & Customer Engagement

Customers are encouraged to get involved in the gamification process, for example, by rating their personal experiences with employees. Implementing this ensures the customer feels valued and their satisfaction will increase employees’ drive for career success. The gamification platform also allows employees to interact with each other. In areas where others are performing to a higher level, employees have the opportunity to gain knowledge and advice.

Collaboration in this instance means everyone is a winner. Gamification is a winning technological platform.