Intelligent IVR and Call Control with Cisco Unified Customer Voice (Cisco CVP) Portal combines open-standards support for speech with intelligent application development and call control to deliver personalized self-service to callers, either as a standalone interactive-voice-response (IVR) system or transparently integrated with a contact center. PSS has the development resources for the full suite of Cisco products. Whether you are a full Cisco shop with the entire suite or you have key components, PSS can be your development partner.

PSS can offer you a significant range of benefits as your Cisco partner

  • We use top quality contact center trained staff and as a specialist systems integrator we know how other systems work
  • We do not outsource our work to inexpeirenced developers that may be cheaper but if they take longer or get it wrong then what have you saved?
  • We have built a repeatable set of processes and capbilities that makes us more cost effective than other providers
  • You can trust PSS. You know what you will get with us. We wont promise you our A team and send the C team in when the deal comes through.
  • We will provide consistent quality of service and get to understand your environment to provide insight and integrity in every project
  • We have 10 years+  of Fortune 500 companies trusting us with their IVR and speech recognition projects

Cisco CVP