One of the most common challenges managers face today has to be the capabilities around contact center consolidation. Driven by mergers, acquisitions and new corporate goals the need to restructure or merge together business processes can be a major headache when you still have to deliver business as usual.

Recent research suggests that most major organizations restructure their contact center capabilities about every 3 years.

The impact of this is that many Contact Centers are in a constant state of change in order to keep pace with business restructuring. This puts additional pressure on management and IT resources which are already stretched. Delivering business as usual activities can become a major problem. As well as affecting day-to-day operations these changes can force you to re think your road map in order to obtain the best out of your new consolidated resources.

In Our Experience Contact Center Consolidation Falls into 3 Major Areas:

Technology: Retaining the best technology support framework giving you the tools and applications your business requires

Process: Standardizing processes by implementing best practice and improving efficiency

People: Ensuring the availability of staff with appropriate training and experience both for the consolidation and business as usual operations

Key Challenges of Contact Center Consolidation

  • Planning transition to your ideal consolidated configuration
  • Managing business as usual and transition in parallel
  • Making an independent judgement on what to keep and what to throw away

Most business do not have experience of managing large-scale change. With technology and staff changing frequently you may not have a full understanding of all of your current assets. Whilst staff are familiar in managing day-to-day activities you probably wont have the bandwidth or experience to take on major change projects at the same time. Additionally you will probably be under pressure from Vendors and Stakeholders to retain all existing technology and processes when some of these are clearly redundant.

Ideally you would have a blend of resources that can focus on ensuring that the larger business benefits are delivered as well as a large range of technical experts with experience in both legacy systems and the delivery of innovation. This means either freeing up your staff from day-to-day operations or finding attritional short-term resource to deliver the changes you need.

PSS is an independent business that helps manage large-scale and highly complex consolidation programs. We offer a range of  change and transition capabilities.

How PSS Can Help Manage Contact Center Consolidation

  • Understanding how your business will be impacted by the proposed change
  • Planning your business transition
  • Managing multiple suppliers/vendors with multiple agendas
  • Providing additional resources for business as usual
  • Avoiding spiraling costs for a variety of experts solving unforeseen problems
  • De-risking the transition process
  • The pressure to reduce combined staff numbers puts vital existing expertise at risk
  • Delivering transition on time, in budget and with the expected benefits

PSS is committed to delivering the best results for you the customer. As an independent system integrator we are not driven by license sales or affiliation to a particular vendor. Our experience covers the full range of contact center technologies from solution delivery to ongoing support. PSS has experts in new and legacy technology systems and have manged large change projects for many of the worlds leading businesses.

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