October 9, 2015

Decommissioning Contact Center Equipment

Decommissioning Contact Center equipment

How Can Visual IVR Benefit Customer Experience?

Customers are still calling. Despite the investment in self service portals, speaking avatars and social media, your customers are still calling you. In fact, industry statistics show only around 20% resolve their issue on their own without calling your contact center. Customers Love Mobile Capabilities The Internet and mobile devices have had a huge impact (Read the full article)

What Does Your Call Abandon Rate Really Mean?

The definition of Call Abandon Rate is simple; It’s the percentage of calls which come into the contact centre but are abandoned by the caller before reaching an agent.  If X is the number of calls handled by agents, and Y is the number of calls coming in, then your call abandonment rate is (1-(X/Y))*100. Understanding the (Read the full article)

Why Terminate, When You Can Innovate?

The economic challenges of recent years have forced many enterprises to look for cheaper and more efficient solutions. This has led to solution providers looking to diversify, adding low cost options and new revenue streams to retain customers and attract new business. Crowded Market Cloud hosting and multimedia channels are two clear examples in the contact (Read the full article)

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? Yes Sir

With functionality moving from enterprise to consumer devices, businesses need stable systems to plug in more and more innovations. As a result, many organizations want to extend the life of their older communications systems and infrastructure. Given the importance of these systems, having world class support and contact centre spares to keep them operating is vital. (Read the full article)

How to avoid the contact center skills crisis

Does your business have the skills it needs to continue to succeed in 18 months? It’s a question that senior executives ask themselves continually – and make plans accordingly. They can see down the tracks and there’s usually a helpful ‘buffer’ of time to get prepared and train or hire the right people. But what (Read the full article)

Ensuring Access to Historic Calls is Vital

You probably have many 1000′s of calls archived on magnetic tape. As the tape degrades you will lose this data, meaning you’re no longer compliant. With regulators getting tougher on call recording compliance – do you have a plan to solve this problem? Now There is a Way to Solve all These Issues. The reason (Read the full article)

Aspect 9.2 End of Life Options

While Aspect® 9.2 and Aspect® 9.3 has not yet been announced as end of life, some Aspect® customers are looking at upgrading to newer contact center solutions which may be unwanted or unbudgeted – especially when the existing technology is meeting current business needs. Cost, Risk & Time A further consideration is that would not be just a software release but involves major (Read the full article)

Don’t Delight The Competition By Falling Over

My family’s summer vacation took us on a nearly 4,000 mile road trip. Most people think I’m a bit odd because I relate just about everything I see to contact centers. So it came as no surprise that an experience in Keystone, SD, about 8 miles from Mount Rushmore, would be the inspiration for this (Read the full article)

Is Your Contact Center Neglected Until There Is A Flaw In The Slaw?

Do you know what your telephone system does for you? I mean, do you really UNDERSTAND what it does, what it doesn’t do, and the things it can do that you’re not leveraging? On the surface, it sounds like a bit of a silly question, right? Understanding What You’ve Got Fundamentally, you understand that there is (Read the full article)