April 18, 2014

Aspect 9.3 End of Life

aspect 9.3 end of life

The recent ACD announcement making Aspect 9.3 end of life has spread some uncertainty and frustration amongst users. This is forcing Aspect® customers to look at upgrading to newer contact center solutions which in many cases is unwanted or unbudgeted. Especially when the technology is currently providing perfectly good use. Cost, Risk & Time A further consideration is that (Read the full article)

Do you still have Nortel PeriPro Apps?


Did you invest a significant amount of time, money and effort building voice applications with “Nortel Peri Pro” formerly created by Periphonics / Nortel, and now Avaya for the MPS or VPS/is IVR platforms? Were the applications developed internally yourself, or externally – by Avaya / Nortel or a third party? Are you struggling to keep (Read the full article)

Avaya Plus Genesys, Yes it Can Hurt…But There is Help

Voice mail

So you’ve bought your brand spanking new Genesys platform. Your servers are virtualized. Your SAN is optimized. QOS is implemented across the board. And you’ve never, ever, heard the term “jumbo packets.” Life is good. You think so…but read on… Except your customer calls are going to agents’ personal VMs. You’ve got customers falling out (Read the full article)

Call Flow Documentation Impacts Customer Experience

Call flow documentation

With customer expectations growing almost daily, making changes to your call flows to improve the customer experience will be a much more frequent occurance. It’s no longer acceptable to set up call routing or IVR menus and leave them unchanged for years as you may have in the past. However you may find that you (Read the full article)

Silent Calls Frustrate Customers

Silent calls

Silent calls are one of the most frustrating problems, for callers and for call center managers. For a caller, what can be more frustrating than queuing for an agent and then ending up in a dead end with no service? For a manager, what’s worse than losing a call which could have led to business? (Read the full article)

Misrouted Calls Frustrate Customers

Speech Analytics

Callers often find themselves on misrouted calls to the wrong place, which results in them being transferred. Frequently they have to start again when speaking to a second agent, which causes a high degree of caller frustration and leads to the perception of poor customer service.   Misrouted calls – The Black Hole Sometimes calls (Read the full article)

IVR Support Promotion

save money ivr support

At this time of year the majority of support contracts for IVR get renewed. We are one of the world’s largest specialist support organizations. We are currently running a promotion – if we take over your support, you will get 13 months for the price of 12. Savings And we can probably save you 25-30% by (Read the full article)

Outbound IVR Surveys Just Got A Whole Lot Harder

Outbound IVR

You may be aware of the changes to US regulations on outbound IVR calls, or “robocalling”, which come into effect in October 2013. If so, I hope you understand the reasons for the new FCC regulations, and the effect they will have on your business. If not, read on! Consumer backlash to relatively unconstrained IVR (Read the full article)

3rd Party Nortel Support

aspect 9.3 end of life

If you have a Nortel telephone system you may remember not so long ago when there were many choices for Nortel support and maintenance. Since Nortel became Avaya, you may feel that there are fewer choices available today. When it comes to maximizing the uptime of your Nortel systems, there is an alternative. ProPSS Support (Read the full article)

Customer Experience – Rules for Inbound Customer Calls

Customer Experience

Let’s run through the emotions of an average customer experience scenario. The customer is frustrated because they are experiencing poor service from the provider and needs to speak with a representative. They call and have to listen through a batch of irrelevant choices. This makes the caller even more frustrated. The option for an operator (Read the full article)