March 6, 2015

Customer Complaints Every Second in 2013


There were 38 million customer complaints about products and services in 2013 meaning there was a complaint every 1.2 seconds, made by dissatisfied customers about products or services. According to Ombudsman Services, which helps resolve disputes between consumers and providers, the energy, broadband, mobile companies and property sectors had the highest number. Who complains, and (Read the full article)

Misrouted Calls Frustrate Customers

Speech Analytics

Callers often find themselves on misrouted calls to the wrong place, which results in them being transferred. Frequently they have to start again when speaking to a second agent, which causes a high degree of caller frustration and leads to the perception of poor customer service.   Misrouted calls – The Black Hole Sometimes calls (Read the full article)

Comsumer Device Spending To Outstrip Enterprises


Apple with its latest product launch and the parade of headlines around the gold iPhone, the plastic iPhone, the faster processor, better camera and improved operating system have made waves with the market, with consumer device spending set to rise what does its launch mean for the enterprise? Signs point to iOS 7 and the (Read the full article)

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

Understanding how to increase customer satisfaction, optimize the customer experience and improve operational efficiency are major targets and challenges for all contact centers. Discovering the reasons customers call a company and what causes customer dissatisfaction can go a long way  in being able to improve these metrics One of the ways to identify areas for improvement (Read the full article)

Contact Center Gamification Improves Performance

Contact Center Gamification

According to recent research ‘service workers’ such as those in contact centers are 3% less engaged in their work than they were in 2009 proving a struggle with job satisfaction in this particular sector. Poor levels of engagement and happiness at work result in poor customer service. ‘ The Actively Disengaged are emotionally disconnected from their (Read the full article)

Customer Experience – Rules for Inbound Customer Calls

Customer Experience

Let’s run through the emotions of an average customer experience scenario. The customer is frustrated because they are experiencing poor service from the provider and needs to speak with a representative. They call and have to listen through a batch of irrelevant choices. This makes the caller even more frustrated. The option for an operator (Read the full article)

Customer Experience Can’t be An Efffort

Customer experience

Customer Experience is the latest  topic driving businesses, especially those consumer-focussed ones who have principle interactions with customers through their contact centre. The costs of delivering the optimal customer experience must be weighed against the ultimate target of running a profitable and growing business, which can be a juggling act. Inconvenience has its price.  Asking (Read the full article)

Customer Experience Impact from Mobile Growth

BYOD - Copy

A new report Mobile 2015 looks at the recent development of the mobile phone market. It describes some of the key attributes of the market, who have been the main companies influencing the markets and how and why they have been performing the way they have. Finally it highlights to companies that anybody whose business is influenced (Read the full article)

Customer Self Service is the Preferred Option

Customer Self Service

Customer self service options from retailers, is expected by the majority of British consumers today, new research has revealed. A survey of around 270 UK consumers found that this held true for both post- and pre-sales. With nearly a third of consumers (27%) saying they prefer to ask pre-sales questions over the telephone, opposed to 56% (Read the full article)

Contact Center Customer Service

Contact Center Customer Experience

Com­pa­nies are redefining their contact center customer service into a strate­gic method for gath­er­ing vital infor­ma­tion to inform mar­ket­ing direc­tion and prod­uct devel­op­ment. Whilst you can obtain valu­able insights by mon­i­tor­ing your social media chan­nels, adding insights from your contact cen­ter will pro­vide a greater breadth and depth of information. The con­tact cen­ter has always (Read the full article)