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IVR Development Contractor US, UK & ANZ

PSS has developed a Conversion Tool and an IVR Transition Process and the demand for which has led needing further IVR Development Contractor resources.  IVR Development Contractors are responsible for completing their portion of the project within their allotted time as contracted with the client.  They also provide input into ACD routing, and possibly other systems within the overall […]

September 7th, 2015|Career Opportunities|

VUI Design Contractor

PSS is a leading systems integrator in the contact center market designing and delivering fully integrated communication solutions that help contact centers become  multi-media centers to meet customer demand for superior customer experience, across all channels.
As a result of the companies rapid growth with record sales bookings and revenues for the first half of 2013, we are […]

August 8th, 2013|Career Opportunities|