call Recording ComplianceCall Recording compliance is a must have in many Global Markets for contact centre operations and its use for both business goals and compliance is growing. However, ensuring that call recordings are reliably stored, at an acceptable quality and can be retrieved efficiently is a costly and time-consuming task. Manual testing can really eat up agent and supervisor time and costs money.

Record Fines

With record fines imposed over the last few years and threats of even more brutal sanctions, financial sector companies are looking to overcome the risk associated with digital voice recorder failure. Risk is increasing and technology has a role to play in reducing this risk.

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nVoice Revolutionises Monitoring & Testing of Call Recording Compliance.

It provides an independent, verifiable view of the performance of call recording solutions, for both compliance and business improvement. It even allows you to monitor SLAs and proactively intervene to avoid SLA breaches and will save you money.

nVoice is a leading automated, data-driven voice recorder testing and monitoring platform with real-time dashboards, SLAs and reporting for the financial sector. It can significantly reduce the time and cost of call recording compliance, and provide peace of mind by automating both the testing process and the test audit trace.

It allows for the centralised management of testing one of the key benefits of a well-deployed system is the ability to review performance across distributed networks. It even supports drill- down to investigate individual SLA breaches. All these features save time and money, while assuring compliance and helping you to achieve your business improvement targets.

nVoice offers advanced SLA monitoring which allows the performance of call recording services to be measured against a defined target (e.g. five 9s), with proactive monitoring and corresponding alerting. 

Is Your Estate Really Compliant?

Some organisations find that although they have invested in the right technologies they have not deployed them in a way that makes them fully compliant. Our expertise helps ensure that your deployment design delivers compliance rather than the appearance of compliance.

Understand How nVoice Can Help Your Business

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