One of the most common challenges managers face today has to be call center consolidation capabilities. Driven by mergers, acquisitions and new corporate goals the need to restructure or merge together sites can be a major headache when you still have to deliver business as usual.

Balancing New Technology Challenges

Another challenge of call center consolidation is the arrival of new technology that changes the way call centers operate. Voice biometrics and other innovations have a significant impact on the way you deploy resources, often leading to the need for a consolidation program.

Recent research suggests that most major organizations restructure their call center capabilities about ever 3 years.

Key Challenges of Call Center Consolidation

  • Understanding how the current capabilities are impacted by the proposed change
  • Managing multiple suppliers/vendors with multiple agendas
  • Spiraling unplanned daily costs for a variety of experts
  • De-risking the transition process
  • The pressure to reduce combined staff numbers puts vital existing expertise at risk
  • Delivering transition on time, in budget and with the expected benefits

We help manage large scale and highly complex consolidation programs as part of our Transition capabilities. We are able to bring a blend of resources that can focus on ensuring that the larger business benefits are delivered as well as a large range of technical experts with experience in both legacy systems and the delivery of innovation.

In our support business no one that has ever come to PSS for support has ever gone back to their original provider. We take the same attitude and bring the same culture through our transition business to deliver consolidation programs.

We provide bespoke services ranging from oversight to writing code customized to each client’s individual requirements.

How PSS Can Help Your Business

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