October 26, 2014

Moving to the Cloud – Who Really Benefits?

Moving to the cloud

If you’ve been paying any attention to events in Scotland recently, you’ll have noticed two things. Firstly…Self-interest. Both YES voters and NO voters in the recent referendum wanted what was best for THEM. This is human nature of course, and we see it everywhere, both in the business drive for profit, and in the consumer’s desire (Read the full article)

Contact Center Transitions: 7 Tips To Help You Succeed.

Contact Center Transition

Every Organization Is In A State Of Transition With Its Contact Center. Right now you could be trying to maintain legacy systems, manage minor upgrades, switch to new solutions, wondering hot to innovate – or attempting many of these at once! The pressure from customers, stakeholders and technology vendors can be relentless. But here’s some (Read the full article)

Contact Center Transition: 7 Essential Tips To Stop The Madness

Contact Center Transition

There’s a new fitness craze sweeping across gyms everywhere. You’re on a treadmill that gets faster and faster. People fling dumbbells in your direction. These must be juggled. Every 30 seconds, the music changes. Oh, and the bottles of mineral water you need keep getting smaller. Does This Scenario Sound Familiar? If you work in (Read the full article)

Genesys: Which Of These 5 Challenges Apply To You?

Frustrated agent genesys

Every time a new Genesys product emerges, there’s a hungry audience waiting to serve it up to end-users with an insatiable appetite for richer interactions. But, inevitably, the Genesys suite is getting more complex. It’s becoming harder to capitalize on the value of what you have already, never mind the tempting new features in the (Read the full article)

The Genesys Blacklist


I really like Netflix here in the US because it gives me the chance to “binge watch” entire seasons of television shows that I might have missed for one reason or another. I recently spent a couple of weekends getting caught up on The Blacklist, an action drama detailing what amounts to a vast, complicated (Read the full article)

Third Party Support Guide

Third Party Support

Are you facing a daunting decision over how and when to upgrade your contact center technology? Is it because your vendor support is about to end? Does it feel like the tail is wagging the dog? Nightmarish scenarios present themselves. Huge decisions are forced on you. The option to stay with your existing vendor and (Read the full article)

What If Your Contact Center Was A Car?

Third party support

Imagine if the automobile servicing market was dominated by franchised dealers? You might purchase a new SUV and drive away, basking in the reassurance of a five-year, all-inclusive service warranty from the dealer. Years of trouble-free, happy motoring follow: Envious neighbours, happy holidays, sunsets by the beach. But then trouble strikes. What if five years (Read the full article)

Aspect 9.2 End of Life Options

While Aspect® 9.2 and Aspect® 9.3 has not yet been announced as end of life, some Aspect® customers are looking at upgrading to newer contact center solutions which may be unwanted or unbudgeted – especially when the existing technology is meeting current business needs. Cost, Risk & Time A further consideration is that would not be just a software release but involves major (Read the full article)

Is Your TTS Vendor Still Speaking To You?

RealSpeak TTS

Nuance, the market leader in Text-to-Speech (TTS) software, has recently announced End of Life and End of Support on some of its TTS products. For instance, Nuance RealSpeak TTS 4.5 was officially End of Support in March 2014. Unfortunately… We all know what End of Support means. It means the vendor is no longer prepared to (Read the full article)

Don’t Delight The Competition By Falling Over


My family’s summer vacation took us on a nearly 4,000 mile road trip. Most people think I’m a bit odd because I relate just about everything I see to contact centers. So it came as no surprise that an experience in Keystone, SD, about 8 miles from Mount Rushmore, would be the inspiration for this (Read the full article)