July 1, 2015



What Does Your Call Abandon Rate Really Mean?

Phone off hook

The definition of Call Abandon Rate is simple; It’s the percentage of calls which come into the contact centre but are abandoned by the caller before reaching an agent.  If X is the number of calls handled by agents, and Y is the number of calls coming in, then your call abandonment rate is (1-(X/Y))*100. Understanding the (Read the full article)

Smart Thinking Beats Dogged Determination


Have you ever been chased by a dog – when you’re driving? A small number of hounds have a bizarre habit of pursuing cars. And their actions bear an uncanny resemblance to some companies. It’s not the crazed expression or the drool. It’s something else … Dogged Determination The dogged determination to chase each car (Read the full article)

The Robots Won Again: Keep calm and carry on


The march of automation has just chalked up another success for businesses. The robots have won again. And right now, anyone working in finance, IT operations or public relations should be cheering or, at least, breathing a huge sigh of relief. The breakthrough relates to recordings of customer calls. But if call recording technology does its (Read the full article)

Why Terminate, When You Can Innovate?

Teamwork Cogs

The economic challenges of recent years have forced many enterprises to look for cheaper and more efficient solutions. This has led to solution providers looking to diversify, adding low cost options and new revenue streams to retain customers and attract new business. Crowded Market Cloud hosting and multimedia channels are two clear examples in the contact (Read the full article)

Do You Share a Dark Secret with Dr Who?

Dr Who Tardis

Do you have something in common with Doctor Who? We’re not talking about a juicy BBC contract, attractive ‘companions’, a taste for eccentric scarves or needing to carry a screwdriver with you at all times (though all of those things may be true – and we’re not judging). The issue relates to tape – and some (Read the full article)

Growing Your Contact Centre – The Recipe for Success

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To grow a business you need to be an artisan baker; You need to ensure you have the right ingredients, at the right time, in the right environment; feeling your way through each step delicately.  You need the discipline to follow a detailed recipe, whilst still being innovative and creative enough to put your own (Read the full article)

Clear Call Rates for Everyone

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Remember, Remember the 1st July; Ofcom have published new guidelines to simplify consumer pricing for all 08 number ranges, ensuring clear pricing guidance as to how calls to 08 numbers are displayed on web content, advertising and literature.   As far back as 2004, Ofcom started carrying out public consultations to determine the use of (Read the full article)

Customer Power: How to Turn Threat Into Opportunity


 There’s an arms race going on in consumer technology right now. Devices and features are evolving so fast, it’s almost impossible to keep up. But more importantly, at least for business – and especially for contact centers -there’s a change in the way consumers are using technology. They’re not pointing it at their friends any more (Read the full article)

Press 1 to Really Annoy Your Customers Before You Even Speak to Them


According to a study by New York University, only 15% of customers feel that they, as customers, receive any benefit whatsoever from IVR systems. That’s a whopping 85% who (presumably) feel it either has no effect or – more likely – a negative effect on their customer experience.   Customers struggle to see benefits of (Read the full article)