March 4, 2015

Help! A stranger just seized our boardroom agenda!

smug boardroom

Imagine your next meeting with other senior executives. All seems normal until an unfamiliar face enters the room – and starts to circulate their agenda. Wild thoughts race through your mind … have I missed something? … Have we been taken over? … Is someone else in charge now? In many ways, the answer to (Read the full article)

The FutureStore.Today at RTBE

PSS is part of TheFutureStore.Today, a collaboration with Retail Business Technology Expo, to demonstrate how the latest retail innovations and is changing the shopping experience. The group will be demonstrating how technology and innovation will change the shopping experience for the consumer who can choose anything somewhere exotic, the possibilities are endless See the latest techniques (Read the full article)

Call recording compliance – don’t wait for a fire drill

Call recording back up

Is your call recording data backed up and securely stored for future retrieval? Of course it is. If you have call recorders, you are bound to have a way to test whether they are working, right? Well, surprisingly, most call recorder manufacturers don’t provide this. Are you really sure your calls are backed up? So you will (Read the full article)

Who’s holding all the power in your relationship?

who is in charge

With February being the month of Valentine’s Day, here’s a fanciful scenario to ponder. Supposing your long-term ‘significant other’ becomes much richer than you – when the opposite used to be true? Suddenly, they’ve got a far better car, an impressive new apartment and wads of cash. What’s more, they start expecting you to ‘raise (Read the full article)

If only I could easily bulk IMPORT information into Genesys

genesys change management

You didn’t ask for this headache. Sales and Marketing have apparently been doing their job, because 15 new GVP platform provisioning requests just landed in your in box. FIFTEEN! A good problem to have, to be sure, but it would have been nice if you had been told about it when they knew about it two weeks (Read the full article)

If only I could EXPORT my settings out of Genesys

genesys change management

It wasn’t supposed to be THIS complicated. A few simple changes to routing and configuration. Testing in the lab would be easy, the changes would work like a champ, and the production maintenance window would go off without a hitch. No impact to ops, and you look like a hero. Things are not always that (Read the full article)

If I could only track and AUDIT changes made within Genesys

genesys change management

It’s Monday morning, 7:45 a.m. and the contact center is 15 minutes from opening. Your desk phone, mobile, and email simultaneously light up with panicked reports that agents aren’t able to log in. Something changed since Friday night, something bad, and you’ve no idea where to start, let alone how to fix it. If I (Read the full article)

How to avoid the contact center skills crisis

resources people circle

Does your business have the skills it needs to continue to succeed in 18 months? It’s a question that senior executives ask themselves continually – and make plans accordingly. They can see down the tracks and there’s usually a helpful ‘buffer’ of time to get prepared and train or hire the right people. But what (Read the full article)

Who is in charge? a new e-book

Who is in Charge

“Customers are already better at doing business with you, than you are at doing business with them!” – Are you ready for something even bigger than the Internet? Who is in charge? is a brand new e-book that has been published as a guide to the 4 key elements that are increasing the customer’s power over (Read the full article)

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