Bigger than the Internet is the tidal wave that happens when you deliver the internet, mobile and thousands of other innovations to the same single experience at the same time.

When you put it all together it suggests that everything in our business models will change over a relatively short period of time and that failure to adapt could be catastrophic.

Customers are going to control your relationship

All of the main barriers to connecting systems to the real world experience are falling at the same time and this will change the business fundamentals.

It’s quite scary, to see more watch the film. We hope you enjoy it.

This is the film that launched Bigger Than The Internet and was shot at the Customer Engagement Summit in London during November 2013. It is part of PSS’s ongoing comitment to thought leadership. Presented and written by Morris Pentel, Chairman of the Customer Experience Foundation and Tony Porter, EVP Global Marketing at PSS Help.

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