So you’ve bought your brand spanking new Genesys platform. Your servers are virtualized. Your SAN is optimized. QOS is implemented across the board. And you’ve never, ever, heard the term “jumbo packets.” Life is good.

You think so…but read on…

Except your customer calls are going to agents’ personal VMs. You’ve got customers falling out of queue to go to voicemail, except now they’re stuck in voicemail hell. Oh, and for some reason 2.58% of your transferred calls are stuck in queue. Like, forever.

This hurts…lots of dollars…few answers…BUT…

Avaya Plus Genesys: There is help available

For example, we know that most Avaya Session Managers (SMs) don’t support video codecs in a SIP session. We’ve also found that many SMs installed before 2014 don’t support null data keys in SIP headers. So when you try and add Avaya plus Genesys, the channel falls on its face because the Avaya gives up. (BTW, Avaya has fixed this, but you have to ask for the upgrade).

We’ve done a lot of the hard work.

Then there’s MTU. Google it—go ahead, we’ll wait…

Still waiting…

and, time.

Typically in SIP, we want to use the UDP protocol—it’s quicker, lighter-weight, less overhead, and it doesn’t fragment packets. But there’s a network concept known as Maximum Transmission Unit (aka MTU). If a packet is bigger than the MTU, then the Genesys platform automatically switches from UDP to TCP. This, unfortunately, can have some really bad results. So planning for this in advance is best.

However (there’s always a however) there’s a catch – if the packet gets big enough, it’s considered a “jumbo” packet by the switches and routers. Depending on the network setup, these may not allow for jumbo packets.

So what you end up with is a voice platform arguing with network infrastructure, which in turn is not at all fond of the PBX. And we haven’t even discussed Session Border Controllers (SBCs) yet. At the end of the day, how do you get your contact center functioning smoothly?

Avaya plus Genesys; PSS Can Help

Many organisations find that although they have invested in the right technologies they have not deployed them in a way that makes them fully effective.

If You Would Like a Chat With One of Our Experts about Avaya or Genesys….or even the two together….contact:

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