October 10, 2015

Decommissioning Contact Center Equipment

Decommissioning Contact Center equipment

Help! Aliens Have Taken Over my Contact Center Application

Have you ever seen the cult movie ‘Invasion of the Bodysnatchers’? The film’s heroes discover that humans are being taken over….one-by-one….by aliens. Their friends look exactly the same as before. Except now they behave very differently. And if you’re about to switch your contact center platform or solution, there’s an important parallel in here for you. (Read the full article)

Why Everyone Wants the Same Desktop

Desktop tool sets used to be highly customized, built to order, difficult to change and slow to evolve. They were tailored to the needs of a particular business, a particular group of users, and the unique set of back-end processes and applications which were used in that business. But that’s all changed. Unified to Meet (Read the full article)

Bridge the Gap or Watch Your Treasured Apps Disappear

When you next move house, imagine something bizarre happens; CDs play backwards, the TV changes channels every five seconds, and your family photo albums are mysteriously blank. This sounds like a goofy B-movie. But there’s an eerie parallel that can happen when you move to a new contact center platform or solution. Change is Exciting There’s always (Read the full article)

How to Break Free from the Call Recordings Tape Tangle

Most of us own a box of audio cassettes … recordings of a top 40 radio chart show, an album loaned by a trusting friend in 1990 and a mix tape we made for a classroom crush (but never had the courage to give them). When it comes to moving home, you just take the (Read the full article)

Contact Centers – and How to Avoid a Backlash From Your Ex

Imagine being forced to take your ex partner out to dinner every night for six months – at a time when they are extremely unhappy with you and determined to make life awkward! They order lobster and champagne (because you’re paying) and whenever you say something – they ignore you.   Sound Familiar? This scenario (Read the full article)

PSS Tackles Pain of Switching Contact Center Vendors

Companies can now avoid a ‘failed relationship backlash’ if they decide to switch to new contact center technology with a different vendor. PSS is offering to provide short-term support for legacy systems, so companies are no longer at the mercy of their previous vendor in the vulnerable months leading up to a systems switchover. Relationship Meltdown (Read the full article)

Avoid the Contact Center Blindfold

Spending all day, every day more or less consumed by the vagaries of the “contact center world” can sometimes lead to the development of a particular blindfold to the points of view of those on the outside of this world.   Who Has the Prettiest Uniform Of notable concern and interest are those who, either by (Read the full article)

How Contact Centers Prevent Agents Giving Good Service

Imagine you’re a call center manager. You’ve got great agent retention, your people are skilled and motivated, and you’re meeting your targets. You’re one of the lucky ones. But under the surface, your teams are stressed to the eyeballs. What’s going wrong? We visited a contact center with exactly this issue recently. Average Retention  Average agent (Read the full article)

Why Keep Telling Ourselves the Software Ship Cannot Sink?

As Microsoft continues to issue emergency patches for the latest version of Windows, and to trumpet the release of a new version which is likely to be even more full of holes, I’m wondering how long business users and customers will put up with this blatant disregard for data security. License Sales Driving New Versions (Read the full article)