Aspect Dialer ® versions

There are several Aspect Dialer ® products out in the market. Unified IP ® is the newest, and combines dialer functionality with other contact center components in a converged IP-based offering. However, the older Conversations® and Unison® dialer products are still perfectly viable, with non-vendor support available from PSS to prolong their life.

Aspect Conversations Dialer ®

This is a widely deployed Aspect dialer ®, despite being no longer supported by Aspect® . It can still provide an effective outbound contact solution.

Conversations® features include:

  • Blending capability
    • Share agents between Inbound and Outbound tasks
    • Increase agent productivity
  • Magellan agent interface
    • An easy to use agent desktop

• Flexible OCA customer desktops

o A powerful tool to create custom agent desktops

• Advanced agent pacing algorithms

o Pace campaigns on an individual agent basis or for an agent group/skill

• Exclusion list capability

o Prevent calls to certain numbers for regulatory or business reasons

• VOIP agent connectivity

o Enabling flexible use of agent resources, including remote working

• Dynamic dial list capability

o Assign records to your campaign as they become available

• Account ownership

o Providing a personalized experience to customers by assigning account managers

Customers are being encouraged to dispose of Conversations® in favour of Unified IP®. While Unified IP® is a competent replacement system, its hardware requirements are very different to those of Conversations®, making the migration potentially very expensive.

PSS have proven experience with Conversations® V6.0 and V6.1, both as a stand-alone product and with Enterprise Campaign Manager®. We can extend the life of your existing Conversations® solution.