September 1, 2015

PSS Executive Team

Contact Center Integration Experts

Legacy, Transition & Innovation For The Contact Center 

24 hours a day 7 days a week all over the world from the US & Europe to Asia & Australia millions of customers and hundreds of companies use platforms designed and managed by PSS Help

We do everything from delivering their complete customer interactions and experiences to support individual website & contact center platforms and applications

Managing technology and customer experience is now recognized by most organizations as the key differentiator in challenging trading conditions. Over the years we and our customers have developed a methodology that looks at the life cycle of business processes and technologies as 3 stages:

  •  Legacy
  • Transition
  • Innovation

Each one of these stages provides different challenges and every platform application and service can be seen as being in one of these stages

Over the years we’ve developed a methodology and tools built around three different stages. Each stage provides different challenges. We help our customers build a roadmap for the future of their organizations, from where they are today to where they want to be in future. This is about reducing risk, saving time and cutting cost

We are a trusted independent provider of bespoke services helping our customers integrate complex technologies and advise them on how to make the most of the full life cycle of the technology they operate

PSS is vendor independent and maintains strong business relationships with the world’s leading communications technology providers. PSS has an extensive portfolio of professional services, innovative vendor-agnostic products and extended maintenance and support programs.

At PSS Help we believe that reducing risk, saving time and cutting cost is how we help our customers increase the value of their customer relationships

Privately owned and founded in 2002, PSS has been profitable since its inception and has been recognized by the prestigious Inc-500 magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the US. PSS provides custom solutions for the telecommunications, healthcare, banking, credit card, utilities, government, service providers, insurance, transportation and travel markets.

With US offices in Chicago, Denver and Dublin, CA and international offices in Coventry, UK, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia and Singapore, we serve 150 clients in 19 countries, supporting thousands of sites across the globe.

PSS delivers customized technical solutions and innovative products wherever business is done worldwide.

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